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The Secrets Of The S4 System

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Systems, Souls, Stories, and Sales ™


A soul is the emotional system in a person. We can prime the soul with emotional messaging so they can be emotionally massaged to accept your message which includes the purchase of your products and services. If your funnel content is designed to stimulate and simulate the soul’s predictable emotional state then you can easily get them to the finish line. We use a mirroring technique by using emotionally suggestive images to directly suggest or reflect an emotional vibration, a field that is consistent and constant with the emotion we want the visitor to feel. If you stop looking at people as customers and emotional entities that are begging for a mirror to visit online then all your sales will increase. A funnel without emotional content it’s like a waiter with a sad frown throwing a steak on your lap in Peter Lugers, and you’re wearing a tan suit in the spring. In our video “The Emotional Detector” you will be able to predict the emotions of any audience and demographic. Soul winning is a big thing, it’s what multi-billion dollar religions are built on.


Without stories you can’t move the soul. I remember when I couldn’t even create a headline and I was so scared to attempt to write a blog article. I had writer’s blog so bad, I wanted to quit. I remember sitting on my chair thinking what is the easiest way to make my words flow. I thought to myself “Why don’t I write like I’m talking to my best friend?” And that’s when I visualized my best friend sitting across from me as I went on about my idea. It worked like a charm. Now when I’m stuck I simply use this visualization exercise and my writing flows like a rushing river. You need to use stories to emotionally connect to your audience.

Three stories types to use:

Parables are a lesson involving humans and usually conveys a lesson. It is more analogy than fable.

Fables are stories that involve natural things like plants, animals, hybrid creatures (fauns, unicorns, etc) and beings that can be found in a magical bestiary.

According to here are some story types to consider:

Types of Conflicts Include:

Human vs. self
Human vs. human
Human vs. nature
Human vs. environment
Human vs. technology (machine)
Human vs. supernatural
Human vs. god
Us vs them

Master plots also include:

The Riddle
Forbidden Love
Wretched Excess
Ascension & Descension


You must emotionally charge your content and have emotion surrounding your products and services. The “drone tribes” only grow when there is a master command button in place.

A master command like the hive-consciousness of the Master in the TV series the Strain, the Strigoi his vampire-army of drones are all connected to the Master through his consciousness. The Master can remotely enter (possess) one of his Strigoi’s and speak through them, and use their eyes for remote viewing. The only reason the Master has puppet control over his tribe is because he is the head organism that spawned the Strigoi through his Vampire white-worms that makes every individual a copy of his consciousness.

Nike did this with the Michael Jordan Sneaker, Michael Jordan is the master that created millions of drones that wore his sneaker living through his legend and even feeling an emotional connection with his sneaker, and it’s still going on. Imagine if Michael Jackson put his face and name on penny loafers in the 80’s, how many drones would’ve been created?

So how do you create the icon? Create an iconic something and sales will follow. Create a continuity of that iconic idea and create an empire. This is what Apple is doing to the drone-like army creating iconic items that people blindly follow – look to the wacky roll out of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Weird! But the drones will follow.

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