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Make your customers happy

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Make customers so happy they have smile-itis for a week. Find a way to release a feature, product or service that they will praise you for.

Give your customers their own tribal chat room.

To get into their chat room they have to buy your premium products.

Send your customers a handwritten postcard. Get a peace room full of beautiful cursive writers and send postcards to all of your customers telling them how awesome they are, in ink!

Send an out-of the-blue gift. Thinking….got it, send it.

Send a customer and a friend on an all expense trip to Vegas, Paris, or London.

Advance your new line to ten lucky customers.

Run a surprise 50% off everything, (check with your board and hosting service first).

Whip the camera out go on a road trip and deliver a ton of free stuff and record the whole experience and upload it to Youtube.

Send your customers products from another company, ask them to record their experience and upload it to Youtube.

Publish a funny cartoon.

Create a hybrid animal for a viral commercial. Use to come up with it.

Call your customers and talk to them tell them put a cart together and send them everything in the cart. (give them a limit).

Improve your service.

Write more helpful blog posts about topic surrounding your products and services.

Put more time and attention into your newsletter.

Make your customers and clients happy.

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