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How To Get 90,000 People To A Product Launch

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Roland recently used the power of streaming to get 90,000 people to view their new product launches. Guys, this is legendary stuff happening with the power of Ustream.  I urge my clients to start paying attention to streaming live events like conferences, webinars, product reveals, and live performances. These days are competitive and the true visionaries are taking the lion’s share. Another noteworthy launch worth mentioning is Izotope’s launch of Spire, a multi-track hand-held portable recording studio that is wireless and just uses the Spire iOs app (sorry Droid users) to meter input.

Izotope Spire

Izotope Spire (photo courtesy of Producer’s Spot)


Spire is perfect for podcasts, live recordings of any kind, band performances, solo performances and instrument tuning. Looking for data so you can sell more stuff?  I highly recommend this killer webinar that shows you how to find targeted audiences and all types of data that you won’t find anywhere else but a five figure programmatic advertising platform. Any thoughts on these weather patterns? It seems very strange, Category Five? It seems like the hurricanes keep getting stronger, what’s next a Six? hmmm, climate change or climate rulership? Oh, and before I go looking back at this week it seems like there is so much noise around Google Shopping, I hear it’s kicking Amazon’s butt. Here’s my thing, I love Amazon (sometimes, ask me about that later)  but Google shopping seems like the way to go when it comes to ecommerce. The war is on and it is official get your popcorn, and watch the rumble in the jungle. Google is the King of Search and Amazon is King Of Optimized Shopping Experiences, I can’t wait to see who is going to win the programmatic war.

Catch up soon.

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