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Digital Marketing Consultant | NYC
Digital Marketing Consultant | NYC
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From our customers
Bernard is a phenomenal asset for any client who needs superior guidance in getting a message across to a specific audience.  He comes with incredible expertise and knowledge, and as he gets to know your organization, there is an exponential increase in his contribution.  He is determined to bring you across the finish line with flying colors, ahead of the pack. He is relentless and passionate in helping you reach your base.    

That is exactly what Bernard did for the Duke Ellington Center for the Arts (DECFA), a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded by Mercedes Ellington (the Duke's granddaughter). In 2015 Bernard came on board to redesign our aging website and coordinate a comprehensive strategy that helped us expand our reach internationally.  His guidance, direction and creative input were critical ingredients in the success of the 24th International Duke Ellington Study Group Conference in New York City, which DECFA sponsored this past year in New York City.  Bernard "got the word out" to the right people--in exciting and stimulating ways.  Scholars, educators, musicians and music lovers from all over the world discovered--and connected with--DECFA because of his ability to craft a compelling message. He reached through space and turned potential customers into buying consumers. He helped make our conference one of the most successful events in the history of the Duke Ellington Center for the Arts.  Bernard is not only a web master, but a web wizard.

Michael D. Dinwiddie
Chair, Duke Ellington Center for the Arts
Digital Marketing Consultant | NYC
Ace  Premium Services -   Digital Marketing Agency | New York | NYC that  provides a full suite of  solutions  for real people 
Website Development and Design
Website Development
Let us take your business to the next level with a mobile responsive website. Our WordPress websites are built for speed, security and automation. 
Paid Advertisement
Paid Advertisement
Allow us to manage your Google Adwords Campaigns and Facebook PPC for maximum exposure. Put your campaign in the hands of pros.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Super-charge your content stream with professional articles, posts, and infographics that will increase your visitor engagement.
Local SEO Services
Local SEO
Generate more reach with selecting targeted keywords for each campaign. You will also receive citations for your local business every month. 
Organic SEO Services
Organic SEO
Secure your own traffic source with our organic seo services. We run a complete analysis and find the winning keywords for an organic upswing of traffic.
SEO Services
SEO Services
Optimize your website and let us fix the critical issues plaguing your site and negatively impacting your rankings. We handle your entire campaign with our entire team 
Competitive  SEO
Competitive SEO
Launch your brand into magazines, popular blogs, with  a diversified collection of backlinks. Your brand will feel the effects immediately. 
Brand Design
Brand Design
Redefine your brand with new business cards, logos, email graphics and newsletters. Your brand will shine with your new mission and company info. 
We are creative digital company
 “We are online business reconditioning consultants. We take the broken pieces of your online system, recondition the humans, the technical aspects, the nuts and bolts. It’s like the shows you see when they take a car from the 60’s broken and dilapidated and pull the tarp off of it to reveal a brand new shiny masterpiece with a kick-butt engine underneath the hood. We are Ace Premium Services. Trust us with your online business and excel to the top.”
Creative Digital Marketing Agency | New York | NYC
This is what we do
We help business online improve their condition with targeted solutions
We analyze your online business website and identify core issues as well as compliance with the most current standards. After we perform a complete analysis we prepare a comprehensive full-sweeping plan to rectify the problems.
The planning stage is where the entire team rolls up their sleeves and creatively think to begin the discovery stage. Once we discover the path of the solution we strategize on the best plan of attack.  We micromanage each stage of the plan.
Once we discuss our plan with you we announce the launch day of execution and brief you on all the deliverables, methodology, and measures of success. In the execution stage our team is in live campaign mode with your funds. This is a critical stage.
Some of our projects
Look at our portfolio to see some of our web design projects
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